Education and Training Programs: We recognizes the importance of education in empowering women and youth. We offer training programs in various fields, including vocational training, computer skills, and English language courses. These programs equip women and youth with the necessary skills to secure better employment opportunities and improve their livelihoods.

Health and Nutrition Programs: We believes that a healthy population is crucial for the overall development of a community. We run health and nutrition programs that focus on maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS awareness, and prevention of gender-based violence. These programs aim to reduce infant mortality rates, improve maternal health, and promote overall well-being among women and youth.

Economic Empowerment Programs: We provides women and youth with opportunities to start their own businesses through various economic empowerment programs. We offer training in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and access to credit facilities. These programs enable women and youth to generate income, reduce their dependency on external support, and ultimately contribute to the economic growth of their communities.

Leadership and Advocacy Programs: We recognizes the importance of leadership and advocacy in driving change. We conduct workshops and training programs to build the capacity of women and youth to become effective leaders and advocates for their rights. These programs aim to empower women and youth to participate in decision-making processes and promote gender equality in their communities.

Social Support Programs: We understands that women and youth may face various social challenges that hinder their empowerment. We offer social support programs, such as counseling, mentorship, and peer-support groups, to address these challenges and foster a sense of solidarity among women and youth.

ACODEL is committed to empowering women and youth through various programs that focus on education, health, economic empowerment, leadership, and social support. These programs aim to improve the lives of marginalized communities members in Liberia and contribute to the country’s overall development.