Sinkor, with its growing population, faces challenges related to transportation and accessibility. The Alliance For Community Development Liberia ACODEL, with limited resources recently completed the construction of a mini plank bridge in the 24th Street Sinkor community, Monrovia, Liberia.

However, despite this effort, it has become evident that the bridge is unable to adequately meet the needs of the residents in the area. The structure, while a commendable initiative, falls short in providing a safe and reliable passage for the community residents. As a result, the limitations of the plank bridge have posed challenges for the residents as they navigate their daily lives.

The temporary plank bridge creates difficulties for residents in commuting, particularly during the rainy season when the street becomes impassable. The mini concrete bridge project is crucial for improving the daily lives of the community residents.

The Alliance For Community Development Liberia - ACODEL is seeking generous support from individuals, businesses, local stakeholders, government bodies, local and international NGOs, philanthropists and potential donors to make this project a reality.

Your contributions will directly impact the lives of the residents in the 24th Street Sinkor Community, providing them with a fundamental infrastructure that will foster growth and development. Your donation, whether big or small, will make a meaningful difference and contribute to building a stronger and more resilient community.